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AMP Technology

Insulation with foam

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AMP Technology

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AMP Technology

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Building spray insulation.

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AMP Technology – Spray isolation

Welcome to the website of AMP Technology – an authorized contractor for the leading manufacturer of ecological spray polyurethane foams and insulating protective coatings from Demilec Polska. Spray insulations are today the world standard in modern construction. The unique chemical and physical properties of polyurethane make it an excellent insulation material that fits into the requirements of ecology and energy efficiency. At AMP Technology, we perform insulation of the attic and foundations and other thermal insulation of both new and modernized buildings, thus improving their usability.

Polyurethane insulation of parts of buildings such as roofs and foundations is now a desirable and best way to insulate roofs and insulate foundations. Polyurethane foam as a substitute for mineral wool reduces heat losses by 50% of parts of buildings and does not lose its properties over the years.

Insulation of the attic or foundations with polyurethane foam is:

  • energy saving (the material used eliminates the problem of the so-called thermal bridges, ensuring full tightness of the structure),
  • time-saving (the application runs quickly, in the attic of an average size it can be up to one business day),
  • saving costs (annual heating expenditures are even smaller by half than in the same building insulated with traditional methods).

Foam roof insulation is an ecological and environmentally friendly solution. This material does not retain moisture, does not crumble and does not dust. It is a self-extinguishing plastic, therefore it does not create the risk of spreading fire. Perfectly protects against cold, but also noise coming from outside. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer. We operate in Małopolska and Silesia, but we also carry out orders to insulate the attic or isolate foundations from other regions of the country. If you have questions, please contact us!

The polyurethane foam does not lose its parameters throughout the whole period of use.

Our company has gained extensive experience, realizing over 160,000 objects over several years.

The materials used by us are always of the highest quality, they come from the USA and Canada and meet all stringent standards.

The products we use are safe for the environment, have no impact on health, do not cause any allergies.

The polyurethane foam does not change its properties over time.

Warming with PUR foam is an investment for years and a noticeable difference in bills of up to 50%.

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AMP Technology

Trust professional service, a company that has been working with polyurethane foam for many years – put on:

  • Products from renowned producers.
  • Many years of experience on the market.
  • Over 500 investments in Poland.
  • Precision, diligence and punctuality.

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